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Genome Browser Data Description

Magnaporthe Grisea Genome Browser

   Magnaportha grisea Genome Browser[ Top ]

The Rice-Blast Genome Browser[1] is based on the sequence from the Broad Institute (Version 5, Update May 2007) [3]. The tracks of data are:

  • The MGOS Transcript Models were initially derived from the Broad V6 and may have been updated through community annotation.
  • The Broad V6 Transcript Models are the gene models provided by the Broad institute as part of version 6 of the automated genome assembly process.
  • The Broad V5 Transcript Models are the gene models provided by the Broad institute as part of version 5 of the automated genome assembly process aligned against the Broad version 6 genome.
  • The PAVE EST Contigs and SAGE Tags tracks show their alignment by BLAT[2]. The default BLAT parameters were used and all hits with less than 98% identity were filtered out. SAGE matches require a 100% identity.
  • The Genbank Genes track displays the genes downloaded from Genbank ( Genbank Magnaporthe Grisea Proteins page ). These genes were aligned to genome using BLAST and only the highest hitting HSP is shown. (The names formats of the Genbank genes is <common name>:: <genbank id>)
Magnaporthe Grisea Genome Browser Statistics:

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Chromosomes I II III IV V VI VII UNK chr0 All

   References[ Top ]

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